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Training Senso Control & Tube Fitting Divison


Why SensoControl?

Downtime is the biggest threat to manufacturing efficiency. Every minute a piece of job-critical equipment is down equals lost revenue, but the costs don’t stop there. The effects of downtime can be felt throughout the company, including:

  • Cost of labor rendered idle, including direct wages, insurance, retirement, training, and any overtime payments to make up for the lost hours
  • Cost of spare parts and the overtime for the maintenance personnel/resources to restore the system
  • Cost of restarting a machine, such as excessive power consumption during start-up
  • Cost of waste from incomplete products caught up in the shutdown
  • Cost of opportunity lost to cash-in on potential profits by selling the extra production had the downtime not occurred
  • Cost of late delivery surcharges for delayed shipments
  • Cost due to lost confidence in customers and prospects

With SensoControl, end users can monitor their equipment for any system changes in real time, and optimize their equipment before an issue results in downtime. Effective diagnostics can also help users become more efficient by helping them to identify and remove process bottlenecks.

Presentasi Tender Project Hose & Training Tubing

July.21 Overview of TFDE

EO/EO2/EO2 FORM -> Ermeto Fittings dan
EO3 -> Pengembangan dari Ermeto fitting generasi sebelumnya.
F37 -> Parflange for pipe and tube connection
New machine(EO Karry-Form,EOMAT PRO) – > Mesin flaring untuk pipe fitting
Senso control including Diagnostic and industrial – > Mesin diagnosa efektifitas sealing.